My thoughts on the U.F.O. report

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By now you’ve heard that the U.F.O. or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena report has been released. Unidentified Flying Objects only ever mean that they didn’t know what they were. Not necessarily that they were alien craft.

My thoughts whether aliens exist are, regardless of how you choose to believe we came into existence–the creation story in the bible, or the theory of evolution, it would stand to reason that we are not the only supposedly intelligent life form to ever have existed.

If God created us, then do you really think that any entity that…

I tried to increase the number of pullups I can do

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There are lots of fitness challenges out there on the internet. I tried to do one that I made for myself regarding pullups. At the start I could only do one, and so I decided to create one to increase the number I could do. The reason for doing this is I wanted to challenge myself and if you want to get better at something, you have to practice it. I did this over four weeks and below you can, if you’re interested read on.

Week 1

The goal this week…

A short story for your enjoyment

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Sherry felt the arrest and conviction were all too neat and tidy, she was one hundred percent certain that they convicted the wrong man of the murders. As a crime beat reporter, she had access to the police reports and witness statements.

Perusing through them in her apartment, she found a witness statement that pointed to another suspect. Someone supposedly saw a person in dark clothes in the area. The police neglected to follow up on this report; convinced they had their man.

Calling the witness who saw the person in dark clothes yielded nothing, it went straight to…

A short story for your enjoyment.

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Eddie prepared for this moment for almost five years. The computer virus he installed would trip out the power in the penitentiary. And the computer would unlock all the doors, starting from his own cell to the exact path he needed to escape. Just 2 minutes until it happened, so long as nobody found a bug in the computer system and none of the guards catch him, he’ll be a free man.

And Eddie timed it perfectly. The lights shut off, and he got out of his bed, slid the door open and stepped into the hall. Every inmate…

A short story for your enjoyment.

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Trent and Nick, both ten years old, chased after Murray, also ten, through the forest that surrounded the playground. They threw handfuls of dirt at him as they taunted him, calling him names. When they got within less than 10 feet, Nick picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could at Murray. The rock hit him in the back of the head, and the boy fell hitting his face aren’t even larger Rock.

Trent and Nick ran up to him, saw that he wasn’t moving, and panicked. “What are we going to do, Nick?” Trent cried…

A continued story for your enjoyment

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Sarah and Julian continued their trek in search of the Bounty Hunter who they hoped would help and the threat of the Raiders once and for all. They had travelled for two days on the trail, the Raiders were likely consolidating their position at the farms they had stolen. How long will it be for them to find another place to take over?

“Do you think he’ll actually help?” Julian asked. “After all, the last time he just dropped you off at the orphanage.”

Sarah stifled her grunt, “And that’s where you bought me.”

“We didn’t know…

A short story for your enjoyment

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Poor guy, I embarrassed him big time. We were the only two in the wrestling gym. And he challenged me to a match. He must have thought I would be an easy win, or a warm-up for when the guys came in.

Probably a reasonable thing for him to believe. He outweighed me by over a hundred pounds. He did his shoot in and I blocked him. I grabbed his hand, shot in myself, picked him up on my shoulders and body slammed him to the mat.

It was at that moment that men’s voices approached the door to the…

A review of a book that (should) settle the debate on climate change

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In this article I am giving you a review of the book by Greg Craven, What’s The Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response To The Climate Change Debate.

I won’t bore you with all the gory details of the climate change debate. You’ve heard them all before, no doubt. Climate change will wipe out the human race. Climate change is a hoax.

The book I am reviewing shows a rational debate on the issue. After all, regardless of what you choose to believe regarding climate change, there is one thing you should always think about. And that is —…

A short story for your enjoyment

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Even the most beautiful places are dark at night. That’s why I stayed inside. I wondered if it was a fairy tale to scare children. That the trees in the forest would grab you and eat you if you went out at night.

Well, I was a child, so I wasn’t going to find out if it was true or not. Some of my friends had relatives who went into the forest and disappeared. Could a tree have done that? I thought maybe when I was an adult, I would venture into the forest. Maybe I would find those missing…

Ian Worrall

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