The Saboteur

A short story for your enjoyment

Ian Worrall
3 min readApr 24, 2020


I have posted this short story for your enjoyment, read all the way to the bottom to find out where you can pick up my novels No Remorse No Regret and No Rest For The Vengeful.

The submarine had to surface, and this would be my chance to escape possibly if we’re close enough to shore. They knew there was a saboteur on board, and it could be any one of 20 people. I was on an important mission, to sabotage this new class of sub by our enemy and transmit our location from where we would be surfacing.

I Just had to make sure they never find out it was me that caused the damage that made them have to come to the surface. I would likely be Summarily executed if my team was not available to capture the enemy sub.

We had to do a controlled ascent, we couldn’t do one where you see on TV or movies where the sub flies out of the water. Now that would not be a good thing, due to the damage I’ve caused, there is very little speed that the boat could muster. Not enough to do Anything like that kind of stunt.

“So where are you going sailor?” a deep voice came behind me.

I turned and it was the XO, “I’m going to my communication station.”

He asked where I was when the sabotage happened and I told him I didn’t know about any sabotage but I had just been coming from my bunk room. I told him that when I heard the siren saying we’re making an emergency surface I decided I would be needed at my duty station.

The XO nodded his head, I couldn’t tell whether he believed me or not, and I kept myself as calm and collected as I could. He didn’t let on whether or not he was thinking I was lying or not, and I wasn’t going to wait around to see, so I asked him if I could be dismissed to go to my duty station.

He dismissed me with a wave of his hand, I smiled in response as I turned and went on my way. I figured that would be the best thing to do, go to what was my duty station in the midst of an emergency. What saboteur would ever continue helping a boat he tried to wreck?

That was what I was hoping that they would never suspect me, and it worked for time at least until we got to the surface. And unfortunately for me, my team who I sent the message to had not arrived. It was then that we were told they narrowed it down to 5 possible people who could have done the sabotage.

They listed off the 5 names to come forward, and I…



Ian Worrall

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